Wedding Favours

We believe that life's most cherished moments deserve to be celebrated in the sweetest way. Gourmet dates and desserts are the perfect wedding favors for your special day. Create an unforgettable experience for your guests with Palm Bites.

Why Choose Palm Bites For Your Wedding Favours?

Fast Turn Around Times For Design, Production, and Packaging.

A Taste & Flavour to Design With us, and Perfectly Match Your Wedding.

A Gift Your Guests Will Love, With A Package They Will Cherish.

Premium Shipping Methods to Ensure Your Favours Arrive Perfect


Some of Our Previous Weddings
Vanessa J.Summer 2023 | Oakville, ON

We loved having Palm Bites as our wedding favours! Mustafa helped us personally to design chocolate covered dates with ruby red chocolate to match the theme of our wedding. Could not have imagined a better item for my guests.

Salma IFall 2023 | Vaughn, ON

Beautiful product and packaging for my guests at my wedding. The compliments on the box and taste of the dates were outstanding and we were very happy to hear from our guests that they loved their dates.

Jordan W.Summer 2023 | Toronto, ON

It was so elegant and special, our guests loved it. A few people mentioned they couldn't believe it was dates. You can taste the quality of the chocolate. Thank you so much!

Frequently Asked Questions

This all depends on how big your Wedding Favours are and how many favours are being ordered. If you are planning on putting 1 date in each favour and ordering a small amount, the customization is limited. Although if each favour has 4 or more dates, and you have a higher quantity guest list, we can look into various customization options that may be able to work within a given timelime.

Depending on your location and the time of year, we will need to consider multiple factors when it comes to shipping. For example, in summer, we will need to take high measures to keep the dates at a perfect temperature throughout the whole shipping process in order to prevent chocolate from melting or blooming. All shipping times and methods need to be discussed based on individual orders, packaging, and Wedding dates.

Palm Bites wants to make your special night perfect. This means that we are willing to go above and beyond our product line's selection to offer customized flavours, options, and anything else under the sun. We have made specialty chocolate requests previously, should as Red, White, and even Pink for he launch of Barbie. We also can provide luxurious options such as 24k gold flakes or fresh ingredients such as strawberries.

Let us know what you're thinking of, and we'll take care of the rest!

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All the Details

We want to know exactly what you're looking for and interested in! Feel free to send us links to photos of packaging or design ideas. Let us know which flavours you're excited about and if you have any special requests, we're happy to accommodate.