About Palm Bites


Palm Bites® are gourmet dark chocolate covered dates, filled and coated in nuts. All items are 100% natural ingredients, vegan, gluten free and kosher. No added sugar, no GMOs, no preservatives. Just a light, healthy, and delicious treat you can enjoy guilt-free. 

Our Story

In 2017, my dad was forced to retire after 20 years at his company due to his age and the growing number of younger applicants. He was devastated, as work was his life, and he had very little hobbies and activities outside of work. So he applied to numerous jobs but was usually over qualified for the role that was hiring. After 3 years, he started to lose hope. I hated seeing my father, someone I looked up to all my life, feel unwanted and unworthy of work. So my wife and I began looking for a business to build with him in mind.
We had many ideas, but my dad was a pharmacist, specializing in quality control and working in a lab environment. How does one find a business within this scope?
Palm Bites
Then one day, we had my in-laws over for coffee. We didn't have any snacks to offer, so I began looking in the cupboards and found a pack of dates. My mother always had dates with peanut butter as a snack after a meal, so I decided to serve them that. It was a light snack that was delicious and healthy. Everyone loved it.
palm bites
The next day while I was in the shower, I started thinking about having dates with peanut butter for breakfast, as I had a craving for it. That's when it hit me, and a million ideas started running through my mind. I ran downstairs to tell my wife, and she's the practical one between us two, so she slapped me with some tough questions and I was answering them like I've already written a hundred page business plan.
From there we began researching and actually taking the idea seriously. From the start, we decided to keep all ingredients natural, the chocolate had to be vegan and gluten-free, and the after taste had to be memorable.
A month later, we rented a commercial kitchen in Oakville, Ontario and we were able to get my dad involved and get him working again, seeing his smile makes it all worthwhile.
Palm Bites
We began selling online and we couldn't keep up with demand, we had customers showing up at our home to pick up orders, we knew we outgrew the rented kitchen at this point so we decided to open our own kitchen + retail space.
On June 15th, 2020 we got keys to our own location where we can manufacture Palm Bites and serve our customers in person. My dad is in charge of the opening the store everyday, preparing orders, and cashing out customers, he couldn't be any happier.
palm Bites
We thank you so much for supporting our small family business and hope you enjoy your Palm Bites.
We look forward to serving you online & in-person.

Kind Regards,
Mustafa Al-Siaudi
Co-Founder & Professional Palm Bites Taste Tester