We’re not fudging around!

May 01, 2024Mustafa Al-Siaudi

When we first launched our Date Fudge in December 2022, we really didn’t expect to keep it on our menu for more than the holiday season, and honestly, after the first few batches we got busy with our main products and shoved the fudge to the side. We sort of forgot it's up there and marked it sold out for months. Only in Q4 of 2023 did we decide to bring it back and be more intentional with it due to several customers asking us when it will be back in stock. 

During Q1 2024, we reformulated it to have a softer texture on the inside, while giving you the sweetness and chocolatey explosion you expect from fudge. We also made it smaller so you don't have to feel guilty about 2-3 bites.

Enjoy it while its in stock here with 2 great choices: Zebra, which is a mix of white and dark chocolate, or choose purely the chocolate flavour.

We’re not fudging around!

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