White Roses by Diamond Rose®

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Box Colour

White roses are beautiful, elegant, and luxurious. A great gift for that special person in your life. Our roses are 100% real and last over 1 year, allowing you to enjoy their beauty month after month. Each rose is treated with a formula made from non-toxic and non-allergenic wax, as well as natural oils. This formula is similar to silica and effectively dehydrates the roses to help preserve them.

Small: Contains 7 preserved roses in a round box with black & gold ribbon.
Medium: Contains 14 preserved roses in a round box with black & gold ribbon.
Large: Contains 19 preserved roses in a round box with a lid.


1) Preserved roses last a minimum of 1 year, and usually go over 3 years based on testing and experience. Please do keep in mind these are real roses and they eventually die. Please follow the care instructions so they last the longest.

2) Bundle & save: Why purchase roses from one shop, and chocolate from another? Get everything from Palm Bites and save time, save the headache, and save on shipping. The recipient will also be able to receive your gift in one box, instead of roses arriving at a different time or day.

3) They are packaged very tightly so it arrives in perfect condition.

Care Instructions
• Keep away from water and direct sunlight.
• Recommended temperature: 18° to 22° C.
• Your roses feel comfortable in their box. Please do not remove them.
• Your roses aren’t for consumption either, it might be obvious to some, but we have to disclose this: please do not eat your roses.
• All materials used in the preservation process are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic. The solutions and colorants used are food and textile grade and do not pose a health or environmental risk.

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