Naked Nutella+Hazelnuts Palm Bites (Not Vegan)

  • $30.00

Gourmet jumbo medjool dates, filled with Nutella & roasted hazelnuts. Decadent with the sweetness & nutty taste of the Nutella on the inside, but not overwhelmingly sweet. 

500g Box contains 24 Naked Palm Bites
300g Box Contains 12 Naked Palm Bites


Ingredients: Medjool dates, Hazelnuts, Nutella (Sugar, Modified Palm Oil, Hazelnuts, Skim Milk Powder, Cocoa, Soy and/or Sunflower Lecithin, Vanillin).

Contains: Hazelnuts, Milk, Soy.

*This is not a vegan product, it is made in a contained location which is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to any other item touching the same surface.