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Mixed Nuts - Salted & Roasted

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Our favourite nuts mixed together: Jumbo Cashews, Pistachios, Red Pistachios, Almonds, and Spanish Peanuts. All dry roasted & salted to give you the perfect snack next to a sweet box of Palm Bites

       400g Bag

      Shelf Life

      Palm Bites can be stored at room temperature for up to 6 months. It is also safe to put in the fridge or freezer, but we recommend to keep in a cool dry place.

      The best before date is located at the back of the box.

      Energy Balls: 4 months in a cool dry place. Refrigeration not required but recommended to extend shelf life.

      Date Spread & Nut Butters: 1 year in a cool dry place. Refrigerate after opening

      Date Squares & Brownies: 4 Months in a cool dry place. Refrigeration recommended to keep shape.

      Power Mix: 6 Months in a cool dry place, no refrigeration required.

      Shipping Information

      We ship out all orders within 48hrs, and you'll receive a tracking number by email. If you can't find the tracking number, you can check your order's progress by logging into your account (button can be found in the top of our website) and viewing order history. 

      Shipping time varies based on where you're located, however, generally it takes 1-5 business days within Canada, and 4-7 business days to the US. Expect delays during holidays.

      During the summer, all orders are shipped with ice packs to avoid melting. In extreme heat days, we may hold off for a day or two from shipping your package, we will notify if such measures are taken.

      Frequently Asked Questions
      • High in Fibre

        which can benefit your digestive health and controlling your blood sugar levels. The high fibre in dates may even be used to ease constipation, and help you feel fuller for longer.

      • High in Potassium

        which is one of the seven sessional macro minerals that the human body requires. Potassium reduces the risk of stroke, lowers blood pressure, and supports bone strength and muscle strength. 

      • Rich in Antioxidants

        such as polyphenols which can help reduce inflammation, promote heart health, and protect your cells from free radicals. 

      • Great Source of Energy

        because of their natural sugars, yet they have a low glycemic index which means they do not cause a significant spike in blood sugar, and therefore are safe even for individuals with diabetes.

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